What is e-volunteering with people and places?

Most of us are unable to travel at the moment but working with us and the partners we have worked with over many years you can still share your skills to build a better future - still support the programmes we work with - but remotely - you can become an e-volunteer

“We are very keen to develop this online interaction, learning together and continuing the cultural exchange that has proved so beneficial, to our students, staff and the volunteers who work with us.” Michael, Treak Cambodia
"You are the pioneers of e-volunteering! In fact you should trademark the phrase 'E-volunteering". You have created such a special and unique experience for volunteers - it creates a gap in our busy lives when we can focus totally on something different and feel we are giving of ourselves. It's a surprisingly intense and intimate experience and after it we return refreshed to our normal lives, enriched on so many different levels."
Hannah Lapido
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