e-Volunteer: Business Support The Gambia

Working from home and linking up with local people online, share your business and/or training skills to help local people build better livelihoods and business opportunities for themselves. Tourism is perhaps the most important industry in The Gambia - help young adults, local communities and a women's empowerment association generate a livelihood through mentoring, sharing basic bookkeeping, marketing, IT and presentation skills.

To learn more about how you could contribute to this e-volunteer project in The Gambia please click here to view full details on the people and places main web site.

All the e-volunteer projects are organised by people and places, the award-winning recognised leader in ethical and responsible volunteer travel.  We have been designing volunteer placements which match individual volunteers’ skills and experiences to locally identified needs for nearly 15 years - enabling volunteers to work with, not instead of, local people.  To learn more about people and places click here. 

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