e-Volunteer: Read a Story or Demonstrate a Skill

Film yourself reading a story or demonstrating a skill – arts and crafts, business or educational - to be used by partners in schools, child support community projects and small businesses, providing training in skills and giving ideas for activities which may not be available locally -no need to be a professional movie maker! We welcome videos from volunteers on a range of topics – stories, simple science experiments, maths activities, active learning strategies, language games, arts and crafts, music, drama, poetry, business skills, basic healthcare, web design…… the list is endless.

To learn more about how you could contribute to this e-volunteer project please click here to view full details on the people and places main web site.

All the e-volunteer projects are organised by people and places, the award-winning recognised leader in ethical and responsible volunteer travel.  We have been designing volunteer placements which match individual volunteers’ skills and experiences to locally identified needs for nearly 15 years - enabling volunteers to work with, not instead of, local people.  To learn more about people and places click here. 

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